What’s The Best Operating System For Gaming

Best Operating system is Windows, Because we can select a wide rage of games, And the games are said to perform better on mac and linux.

Are you confused about the best Operating system for your gaming purpose. I have a a variety of ideas which can help yo to find the best operating system for running any games. except various hardware users take the opportunity chose the best component which suits them.

Today selecting three OS(operating system) Windows, Linux, MacOS. We know that these all have their different prospective to work but keeping them aside we will talk about their specifications. you are confused about these three operating system.

I know you are confused between all three. But today I will remove all the postures between these three of you.

In today’s article, I will tell you about all three operating systems in detail. And I will give a brief description about it. Today we have chosen three operating systems. Windows, Linux, Masos, in which they will tell their Pros and Cons.


So here we are discussing the history of these three operating system and their best characters.

Windows Oprerating system

If you are choosing Microsoft windows then it is the best Os.  In 1990 Microsoft released its first windows 3.0. And after its arrival, it started spreading very fast all over the world. More and more people started using it & because of its interface it came closer to the mainstream public.

Over the year windows had these Avatar’s:

  1. Windows 95
  2. Windows 98
  3. Windows NT
  4. Windows 2000

when universally people started loving windows XP, Then windows boomed fr Pc games. Windows xp was used universally but as because of it bug-ridden in windows vista, Windows 7 Came into existence. People from all over the world started moving from Windows XP to Windows 7.

On August 1, 2012, windows 8 was released after that windows 8.1 and other versions started coming.

If we talk about the present which is year 2020 then we have the latest and best version of windows which is windows 10. Did you know? windows has decided to improve and make their windows better instead of launching new Windows or a new brand. The best part about windows 10 is we’ll receive numerous updates absolutely free.


linux operating system

Linux Operating system wasbuit in 1991 by Linus Torvalds for offering flexible and free Operating System. Linux is a very powerful system for professionals. Linux system requires low hardware requirements when we compared to windows OS. We can call it User-friendly. Linux system is not as high supply.


macos operating system

macOS is a operating systems developed and marketed by Apple Inc. since 2001. And it is totally different which is found in MacBook computers and Appleโ€™s iMac. When we talk about mac os let me tell you apple try to keep their technology tight. MacOS is made to work with apple company. Talking about interface, it is user-friendly and easy to use. And it is Favourite OS of many users.


In this segment, we will perceive how every OS tolls with regards to different parts of gaming.



As far as in-game execution, Windows and Linux will in general jump on moderately even ground, with minor framerate increments for one or the inverse bolstered the game being referred to. Moreover, while each bolstered variant of Windows keeps up predictable framerates, various dispersions of Linux can have totally extraordinary execution.

macOS is positively the most exceedingly terrible performing of the three. That isn’t such a great amount of due to the working framework itself yet rather the equipment constraints. If you have seen then you will understand that Apple’s computers are non-customizable leaving little room for burly GPUs and user modification.  if you are using mac then the best option to run a mac is using an external GPU. by investing little amount you can get some good specification in mac. if the reader want to buy any of the hardware of mac then it currently is tremendously expensive than other operating systems.

Game Selection

There currently exists no doubt that object over there the vast majority of pc games currently are released primarily for windows, just as it currently exists the most popular gaming os this day. Whenever someone talks regarding โ€œpc games,โ€ they almost definitely mean โ€œwindows games.โ€

The choice of games for linux in addition to macos currently exists substantially more constrained. Valid, linux support has existed rising consistently in the course of recent years. In case we currently are passing by steam, more than 4000 games bolster linux right at this current point in time, however remember that object over there the quantity of windows-upheld games currently exists well over 20.000.

with respect to mac, there currently are right at this current point in time around 7000 steam games supporting it.


Microsoft Windows

The Pros:The Cons:
  • Highest market share
  • Biggest selection of programs and games
  • User-friendly
  • Poor integrated anti-malware
  • Stability issues


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