8 Tips to Write Popular Blog Article with Friendly SEO Techniques

The topic of friendly SEO techniques to write popular blog article should be one of interested topics for you right now. Well, writing and update blog’s content is one of easy works, I think that it may spend me only around 30 minutes to research about new interested topics and writing.

Therefore, I may able to produce one or two articles. Also, I think that everyone could do the same to me as well. That is nothing strange, right? But a magical question is those contents could help such as increase blog page rank, traffic, as well as more sales of your products.

Of cause, write popular blog article mean that you are producing any topics relevant to your niches. And those contents will help you to get more reader, engage communication, and convince your readers to share the posts across the social media networks or subscribe for new updating. Or sometime, they want to share valuable information of your topics directly to their friends.

That right, it is not so easy! In order to write popular blog article, you have to pay more attention and give the equivalent between human & robot and between quality & quantity. I mean that you have care the both friendly SEO techniques and how to use the articles to interact with your readers.

Okay, I am going to start in deep to the topic, but before I am going to start that please let take some few minutes to explain you about the different between search enignes and readers’ habit while they read the contents.

Actually, there were two difference habits between search engines and readers whenever these they read your posts. The both of two guys are looking for the relevant information from your tips, but they are using two different ways to do that.

Search Engines: looking for the relevant keywords phrase entire the contents to make sure that the content is related for listing.

Readers: Looking for the relevant information which they want through striving to read and understand the context of the contents.

Well, that is all about the different habit of the above guys so I think that friendly SEO techniques to write popular blog article will not the serious problem anymore for you. Thus, here we go in to our tips.

#1 Offer the right

Lol..! I am not sure that the audience is kind or the content is king of blog. You know, sometime I wrote a quality post which I think it will have lot of people that but No. Sometime, I want to keep update and sharing my habit and I think that it will have not many people like that, but no.

The above make me so complicated and I don’t what is the ways to write popular blog article for them, but I don’t care about that. I just know that whenever the people like my content, I will interact well with my readers and improve quality traffic. Thus, what I have to do is only find what they or interesting and then offer them the right.

Friends, you know? Only one way which you can satisfy your reader, it is that you have to keep your head under the audiences’ shoes. You need to strive the best to gathering information about the audiences’ interest or what they want.

Thus, you have to conduct the readers’ survey, social media observe, and any other ways which make you able to access to the readers interesting and needed. It is a good idea to write popular blog article for your readers. Whenever, you could access to readers’ interests and offer something that is the right need of your readers. I would promise that they will come to read your posts again and again.

#2 length of content

It is a good idea to write short is a better idea for friendly SEO technique, because it will help to get update easier. However, too short post will deducted the quality of your content and the search engines don’t like to short article. Thus to make sure that your topics are go within the approximate length from 600 to 1500 words.

The computer bright and contrast make your reader difficult to patient in reading whole of your articles thus they just looking for relevant information which they needed. And then they will say “thanks…” and then quite your blog, this attitude will damage your quality and trust from search engines because your bounce rate will increase.

But that okay you can delay them to stay on reading the posts by just links to other related topics. You know? Internal linking strategy is good ideas of SEO techniques to write popular blog article.

#3 Clean & Easy

Only keeping the article short is not enough, because the brief discussion go from 400 to 800 words. The general deep discussion will go from 800 to 1800 words, thus it mean that the quality articles would be long length.

The readers need more information from your posts, internal linking are way which you’re your readers to find more information of the relevant topics your articles without feel like boring with computer bright and contrast.

But sometimes readers leaved your post without reading because it have complex sentences and difficult in reading or scanning. Remembers, the most of online readers using SCANNING method rather than read a whole post thus to make them easier and enjoy with their scanning. I think that you have to divide your articles into small session.

To write popular blog article -you may need to use title, subtitle, headlines, and remarkable such numbering, bullets, underlines, and so on. You know? Dividing your post into small pieces of topics will not only make ready easier to find related information but search engine also enjoy as well.

#4 what is your content

Absolutely, whenever you could learn about audiences’ interests and offer the topic which your readers really want to read, but if content nothing quality of unique at all for them thus they will never happy and enjoy in reading your post. And then what they will do is close your page or hit backward to other useful tips.

If you want to readers read your post, unless your post has included educational meaning, experiences sharing and expertise learning which could benefit for self-improvement. Almost of the readers want to enjoy learning and share something new.

Additionally, you have included some discussions, case study, or ask the readers to talk about some contexts of your articles or make your readers say something about the post, not focus on only friendly SEO technique such as strive only included keyword in the contents because readers is not robot.

Moreover, some of readers who interested in your post, they want share some opinions about your tips or they will ask for some solution. If you response to all their comments, questions, or opinions they will note that you are an active bloggers and help. So, that is real way to write popular blog article.

#5 needs to be visible

What is the topic of your post, and how many people are going to enjoy or they are interesting in that topic? You need to make sure that you article will have demand on search of the search engine.

Whenever, you select a topic and start writing the content about any interested topics, to be sure that it will have many people interested in your tips. If you have selected the right topics for writing, it wills lead you to positive way to write popular blog article within friendly SEO techniques of writing.

The none-demand will lacks of organic traffic, but high demand will leads into the competitive environment and I think that you will never list on the top easily. Therefore, you have to be sure that you chose the right topics and avoided lost the chance in appealing on SERP.

The social Media survey and Google Trend is great for research market, I would recommend those for you.

#6 target audience

Researching about market demand and interested topic is really an important element factor to write popular blog article. I know you want to write about what your familiar, experiences, or with what you are expert and especially you don’t want work with boring topics which you don’t like.

That okay, the friendly SEO techniques will help you to reduce competitive rate by use long tail keywords. The long tail is lower level traffic keywords which help you to select an appropriated level of competitive, especially it will help you to target more specify interests for your interested topics and offered real needed of your readers.

I think that Google Keywords is the best free tools for keywords researching.

#7 Using of Keywords

As above mention, Search engine and readers look at title, description, headline, image alt tag, each sentences of body contents, and conclusion of your articles. So you have make sure that you have placed your keywords to all of these places.

However, even the keywords are important elements to write popular blog article for robot such as search engines but readers is really not robots so they hate unreadable language or misspelling.

Moreover, please note that readers are our expectation especially keywords stuffing make penalized by search engines thus you have attention to both of them. You have to strive to make your content and keywords natural. I recommended 60% readers and 40% robot, and the keyword density should go from %1 to %2.

#8 poll up the position

The above SEO copyright techniques to write popular blog article, but you need to do some extra works to poll up your post and list it on the first page of Google and other search engines.

I think that only on way to add more value to your content and polling up your articles is backlink. The search engines will considerate that your content is important relevant information whenever they found many websites linked to you.

Depend on the above reason, I think that you should not keep your article solid writing by just only publish. You have to do the link build strategy and promote your articles across the social media networks in order to gain the benefit global link popular.

Also, you have to submit your article to the high PR social media bookmarking and directory listing. You have to search for some .edu, .gov and strive to get backlinks from those websites because the search engines really give higher value to those linking.

What is your ways to write popular blog articles

Remember, the readers and quality traffic is what you are expecting from writing the articles and if you could give equivalent between the readers and search engine, I think that the both of them will enjoy your website. That is all about what my experience and researching, and what about yours?

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