The US considered the Swadeshi vaccine to be a super vaccine.

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We remembered that the President of the United States, Joe Biden, is now a little bit smart from the vaccine. During the President’s press conference at the White House yesterday, something happened that was unexpected little. Yesterday, when Joe Biden started going to finish the press conference, suddenly a journalist asked him a question about India, and listening to that question, Joe Biden stopped.

And then came back, and he said that he would like to answer the question about India, i.e., Joe Biden was very eager to speak in the context of India, and he was probably waiting for the same question which no one had asked yet.

This change in the strategy and form of Joe Biden had come when he had a phone conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Earlier, the US was not ready to give the raw materials required for vaccines to India. But now, he is also talking of help, and Joe Biden’s stance has changed a bit.

The big thing that has been said about India in Joe Biden’s press conference is that when America was in trouble, India helped. Today when India is in danger, then America has stood with India.

As President Joe Biden, there has been such a significant change. It is a big thing that you will remember that President Joe Biden was not ready to help India until a few days ago. Many people started saying that power like in America. The changed President changed the government, America also changed, and he changed his policies towards India.

And many people were very unhappy after this; the whole world came together after this, the big countries of the world gave their support to India, sent help to India, and everyone started issuing the statement that we are in trouble. The watch is with India.
Are the small countries and big countries changing the whole world’s attitude towards India, becoming a positive and in such a situation, they are lying apart and criticizing America.

After this, he changed his views, and yesterday he said that we would help India fully, we will send material and will do whatever we can, and at the same time, he also believed that India helped us when we were in trouble. Now we will also help India America’s Chief Medical Advisor Michael Fauci has said that he did not do how big countries should have played their role to help India.

Whereas India had given the vaccine to many countries and helped them in times of trouble. But no country gave such help in return. This statement raised serious question marks over the policies of Joe Biden.

And Joe Biden has changed its role. As of today, let us also tell you that the US has also recognized that India’s indigenous vaccine corona vaccine is effective on 617 different variants and the world. It is one of the best and most effective vaccines.

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