How Domain Name Affect Blog SEO and Traffic – 4 Deadly Factors

How domain name affect blog SEO? Actually, it is not only your blog’s SEO but domain name high affect to many important factors of your blog such as increase blog page ranking, improve quality blog traffic, build branding to customer, and search engines or make your blog penalized/banned.

Well, everyone wants to be visible on top SERP (search engine result page) thus they all strive the best to make better blog SEO. Thus, The first basic element which you should started is to learnt how domain name affect blog SEO and traffic because you may not want to change their blog address frequently.

Absolutely, blog address is seriously blog optimizing because whenever you did the mistake with blog’s addressing, we will not able to correct or fix this problem excepted buy new address one.

Of cause, there were many important basics friendly SEO techniques to make better optimizing and popular your blog which you have to know in order to improve more quality blog traffic andincrease blog ranking.

But the domain should be first element which you have plan the first of all in order to get right of optimizing friendly search engine. Here below tips about how domain name affect blog SEO friendly and traffic

#1 It is your business’s brand

Domain Build Brand

When about some famous companies such Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and MSN you may know about what those companies are, especially I believed that you could know about how to access to those companies official website.

As I could remembers it should be,,, and Absolutely, those companies did well with their business branding and they never change their address.

I will call those websites’s address as branding domain because it build well of the customers’ image mindset. Also, it makes the users easier to access to those companies’ websites and easier to remembers those. Also, this is one reason how domain name affect to blog SEO, because it will your customers remembers yours.

Absolutely, friendly blog search engine optimizations are any processes which make your blog visible on SERP, if you are using right keywords targeting that able to makes you list the top. I will call those activities as friendly search engine optimizing.

But if you could build trust with audience and good brand image which it could convince your customers to remembers your blog’s name/add and engage them to come again and again, also I will assume that you did the right optimization.

#2 it is bonus traffic,
another reason how domain name affect blog SEO

Of cause, when you did the right with your blog address you will get bonus traffic from search engines such Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Others. This bonus’s benefit will list you on the top of the page of search engines’ listing. I would call this keywords reached domain.

Well, using keywords as your blog’s address whenever the exactly match keywords were queried by search engines. You will immediately come up to top of listing, for example please “Basic Blog Tips” as keywords in Google search.
You will see ILeane’s blog call basicblogtips[dot]com. I think that you no need wondering about that because this is how domain name affect blog SEO of yours. I would recommend selecting of a relevant keywords for blog’s address.

#3 YOU Banned

Now a day, there were thousands websites/blogs were created in every single day meanwhile thousands of domain names were picked in the same day as well. The right names were selected by other bloggers or webmasters.

However, search engines allowed you to use the hyphen and keywords in the domain url in order to make it unique from others. But be careful whenever you decided to used hyphen in your url because the long address makes visitors difficult to remember yours, especially some time it could make you spam by search engines.

As above described is all about how domain name affect blog SEO and branding. But recently, Google and others were striving to reduce the spam domains and exactly match keywords domains.

Therefore, when you decided to use keywords in your domain name I recommend including prefix. I think that should the best example for you. Or if you decided to hyphen in your domain url please try best to keep it short, I remembers less than or equal two hyphens and three keywords.

Please notice that whenever you want to something such as designing either select a name for your domain name, please think of the word KISS (KEEP IT SHORT AND SIMPLE) as the addressing strategy. Also, you have to strive the best to avoid hyphen if possible.

#4 I trust on you

There many terms were and announced by search engines likes Penda and Penguin updating or change of plagiarism rules, but the search engines are not gambling. However, they all never announced the webmaster to try optimize their domain ages because they exactly know that webmasters, Google and other search engines have no idea to change age of their domain, excepted they will buy older age.

Therefore, this is how domain name affect blog SEO. The older age could gain inherent trusted from search engine and get higher ranking faster than younger. And the younger domain is hard to get trusted and increase higher page rank, so try to understand about competitors’ age and buy similar age to them from expire domain.

It is your turn:

That are all about “How domain name affect blog SEO and traffic”, this tips learnt from my mistakes of selecting domain name of my previous blog which very long and difficult to remembers, especially I have no idea to change it without deliver the traffic to this.

I think this mistake is not enough for me to move, but there many mistakes which forced me to move to check crazy blogger story of “a failure blogger tell how to become successful blogger”. Oh, by the way, I would ask you about some opinion, suggestion, complain any advice yet, would you please leave in bellow comment form.

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