9 Harmful Positions You Probably End Up How to Avoid Their Side Effects

Popular wisdom suggests that it is wise for the human body. Our body has its own way of letting us know when something’s not okay. To ensure we do anything about it, it gives us signals or, in other words, symptoms. You may have a headache, for instance, and you find out when you go to the doctor that it’s due to contracture or cervical problems.

1. Having poor posture in front of your laptop when working

We may experience low back pain and pain across the central region of the back when we spend a lot of time sitting with our back arched or adopting an outward shoulder posture and hunched back. In addition, experiencing pain in the neck or upper part of our shoulders is very normal, as when we stare straight at a screen for hours, our neck has to deal with prolonged stress.

Keep your shoulders relaxed and your elbows resting on your body: the proper way to sit. On the back of the chair, let your backrest entirely. Also, at your hips and also at your elbows, follow a 90° to 100° angle. At the height of your hips, you can not bend your legs or have your feet in the air.

2. Lifting objects off the ground with a bowed back

We don’t even sit to think about it, because we don’t know it, but it’s very possible that we’re not doing it right when it comes to weight lifting. Think of whether a box has to be picked up from the concrete. The first thing to take into consideration, of course, is whether you have adequate strength or training to lift a certain amount of weight. It could lead to severe back injuries by doing the wrong movement or overestimating our ability to lift a heavy object. But besides that, when making such an important effort, one of the most important things to remember is not to bend your back or your waist.

Open your legs and bend your knees, as if you were going to do a squat, the proper way to lift an object. As you hold the object, tighten your belly, keep it as close as possible to your body and use the muscles of your hips and knees. At all times, continue with your back straight, carrying out the squatting exercise without twisting the spine forward.

3. Sleeping face down


Sleep is one of the most significant things that we do today (or at night). It is one of the few activities that the body uses every day to heal itself and prepare to perform the many tasks that we expect of it. Many of us love to do this in bed lying face down, but this pose could potentially lead to health problems.

4. Carrying your backpack or purse on one shoulder only

Our body tries to offset the weight with the other side of our trunk when we are wearing a backpack or a purse on only one shoulder. That’s why contractions and neck pain could be caused by this exercise, particularly if the weight we bear is heavy or if we do not shift the weight from time to time to the other shoulder.

5. Walking around while looking down at a phone

It’s a plain fact that the majority of us are wandering around staring at our smartphones today. Now that smartphones are almost helpful for anything we do, it’s becoming more and more popular. But if we could just walk and see ourselves doing this in someone else’s shoes, we could easily see that our necks and backs are paying the toll for that.

6. Driving with your elbow out the window or with the seat too far back

An injury may result from the repetition of a specific movement over time, especially one that requires repeated movements that place stress on the tendons. Think of, for example, driving and sticking your arm out of the car window instead of using the armrests. Maybe your arm is stretching out of its socket.

7. Sitting down when you still have your wallet in the back pocket of your pants

If you don’t sit in the correct location, the ipsilateral sciatic nerve is the first part of the body that could suffer the consequences. That’s the nerve that links your spine with your legs. Well, when doing the most normal acts of our daily lives, often this type of harm is inflicted and we don’t even know it’s happening.

8. Crossing your legs for an extended period of time

A lot of people cross our legs as we sit down without even realizing we are doing it. What’s worse is that we might spend an entire working day doing it. One of the key factors that may lead to spider veins or varicose veins is crossing your legs for long periods of time, as convenient or fancy as that may be.

9. Cleaning glass and other surfaces

After reading some of the points we mentioned earlier, if anything has become apparent, then you have to pay attention to how you execute those movements in your everyday life. We could overwork our wrists while cleaning windows, for instance. This may lead, either from a sudden impact or from stress, to the development of an injury.

Somewhere in your back, do you feel pain? When you work long hours, do you have any tricks that soothe your joints? In the comments, share them with us.

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