3 Blog Commenting Strategy to Increase Blog Backlinks

Blog commenting strategy and guest blogging on other blogs are significantly important factors for increase blog backlinks and improve more quality blog traffic. However, even the guest post is great and better than commenting but writing articles as guest bloggers require more accurate, expertise, and take much time than commenting.

Well, when I was young I really love and prefer the blog commenting strategy as my way for increase blog backlinks to my personal blogs because I am not English native and expertise writer thus I could produce the articles faster, especially I have not enough time for writing and research.

The commenting has acted as potential way of increase higher blog PR ranking by improve more quality traffic and increase blog backlinks as well as build an active blog community for many years ago and many experience bloggers ready know about its’ benefit.

How about now? Is it still working? Yeah, absolutely the blog commenting strategy is still working right now. My personal blog has around 140 income links from over 120 unique domains. And 60% of these income links came from comments permalinks and others from guest blogging.

And now it’s’ ranking is 500k alexa ranking and I believe that Google ranking will increase after Google updated ranking next month.

Even though, you could enjoy using blog commenting strategy to increase blog backlinks to you personal blog but the spam comments permalinks will damage your PR ranking and sexy blog SEO friendly as well. So, before you decided to choose commenting as linking building strategy please be careful and aware with spam comments as well.

I please recommended one attitude is “never spamming” because blog commenting strategy give benefit and added value to both commenters and blog owner thus why need to spam (Check why blog comments are important for bloggers)

Here bellow tips I ways use when I leave comments

#1 Please do not expected only increase blog backlinks

All blog owner and other bloggers so hate spam or unrelated comments because it will make them unprofessional or damage their sexy blog SEO friendly, thus all of them don’t want to stick lots of spam comments on their posts.

Me too! I really hate any bloggers who leave the spam on my own posts because it could make me loss attractive and nothing improve higher blog ranking but just damaged it. Moreover, it breaks down my PR ranking and makes me to be an unnatural person for search engines.

I wish that all bloggers will never use the spam as your blog commenting strategy because it could not increase blog backlinks to yours but it is crazy idea of way to damage your sex blog SEO friendly.

So, what will I do with those spam blogger? Yeah, absolute! I will deleted or block those comments as spam report. If you want me to approve your comments you should leave some useful discussion related to my topics.

Moreover, I like any bloggers who have shared their real opinions, unique ideas, and expertise to me or others of my readers even they said some things bad about my post. That okay, if anybody talk bad about my post because I believe that I correct it better next time or I ability to protect my brand. I feel that those bad talking still are better blog comment strategy than spam.

As you could see my feeling about spam commenting and I think that other bloggers are the same to me as well. Thus you could not increase blog backlinks or get approved comments from me or other bloggers as well, if you did not a real commenter. Remember, to read the blog posts and other blog comments before leave your own.

#2 Response blog comments right way for blog commenting strategy

Response to owner replied or replies some comments of other bloggers instead of owners are good idea to get comments approved. Some time, one of your blog comments was approved by owners or comments moderators for responding back to your discussion, opinion, or expertise sharing.

If you have replied to those responding with some friendly words such “thanks for responding….” you will get on bonus benefit of increase blog backlinks and more trust from moderators.

What the additional benefit is moderators will remembers your name and recognized you a regular member always approve your comments which is the most important concept of blog commenting strategy.

Also, you have to share what you have commented or discussed about the posts onto your social media profiles or bookmarks. This action wills makes the moderator recognized that you are one of the useful members who always help them to spread their contents to outside worlds. Thus, I have no reason about why they did not approve your blog comments.

Register as membership is a best choice for blog commenting strategy because membership will gain more advance features and easier in getting approval than none membership, especially, you could get update from owner or sometime they provided dofollow comments permalinks for any registered users which is the best opportunity for you to increase blog backlinks.

#3 Trackback blog comments permalinks

Tracking back your performance of blog commenting strategy is good idea to monitor your work and see the effort or impact from commenting. As above talk, comments could give two difference result or impact (bad or good).

If you could get a lot of approval from other bloggers it means that you could increase blog backlinks through comments permalinks effectively. But if you have a lot of unapproved comments it means that your blog has a lot of income links from spam and Google and other such engine don’t like these links thus is so bad for blog SEO friendly.

So tracking report is good ideas to reduce the spam backlinks, and as I know there many plugins was design for friendly SEO optimizing and tracking report so I think that Google search engine have a good answer about which plug should be better.

For me, I use manual tracking method to backlinks so excel sheet is great for me

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