The Best Guidelines for Fresh Freelancers

7 Beginners Guides for New Freelancers

A freelancer is someone who writes, designs or does others’ services.

Working freelance is one of the prominent industry where ample of opportunities waits for you. And…

All you need to do is to develop skills that meet the need of the people who give you work.

The major pro of freelancing is you can work in your leisure time. You can depend on the amount based on the project and much more.

To be a successful freelancer, you need to adapt yourself to certain areas which you are unaware of.

The bellows are 7 beginners guides for new freelancers who are pretending to outclass in this area:

1. Create a Blog

Know the area where is your advantage and start writing on blog to express yourself.

For successful writing, read articles on fortune blogs to enhance your general knowledge. Concentrate on the grammar and whether you have expressed the opinions.

It will be better if you can start working with an expert blogger or freelancer. Learn from him/her before starting your own blog.

Identification of one’s own strengths and weakness is an important task in any job.

Innovate and explore area that improves the knowledges which in turns helps with expanding the opportunity.

You can also monetize your blog with Google Adsense and affiliate marketing while exposing yourself. Learn how to get AdSense account and place Google Ads on your blog.

Moreover, use multi income streaming to make a profitable blog for paying startup cost.

There is no limitation you can earn from the internet.

2. Failure Is a Tune of Successful

Don’t get panicked if you get a failure, or if people don’t like your work. Even if great people have got failures and have learned from their mistakes.

Try not to repeat the mistakes and do it better next time.

Having confidence in yourself is a crucial key of getting success.

“Rome was not built in a day”, a famous roman said.


He tells the best example of how important you contribute yourself daily.

Learning is an everyday work.

Hence, keep on learning, learning, and learning then write, write, and write what you’ve learnt.

These small things makes a big impact when you look back.

3. Be Clear With Your Clients

Being a freelancer, you need to be addressing the business.

Be clear in your objectives.

Feel free to say what you mean as it helps the clients to identify you or your busness. Importantly, how much time and money you need from the project.

Been truthful is important for any work.

As a famous say, “Honesty is the best policy.”

You have to account for the expectations of your clients and make sure you can meet or provide the clients beyond expectation.

4. Keep Making Progress

As a freelancer, you need to push yourself every time. You need the customers rather than the vice versa.

You need to expose yourself for getting the work.

Do not fear to lose the customers.

Target potential customers and build relationship with them to refine the reputation.

The customers need a trustworthy person. Be sure, you not always sell them your services.

With this, you will get a good word – of – mouth that drives more clients to your business.

Be patient at the line of work.

You may encounter the situations where even though you have given 100% efforts, things won’t go as scheduled.

In the situations like this, you need to be patient.

Treat these situations as passing clouds.

At the end of the day, it is your good will and nature of work that will be appreciated.

5. Start Your Freelance Career as Part-Time

Freelancing is the work that shouldn’t cost a regular job. Majority of freelancers across the world prefer working in their leisure time to:

  • Improve the lifestyle
  • Work with the passion that is what they love
  • Build a business in them dream

You can search for any freelance works in the areas of interest. But remembers, you need clarify the available time and numbers of project ordered.

Make sure your freelance work isn’t disturbing the regular job.

If necessary, you have to say ‘No’ to your client.


I know that is so difficult, but you need learn how to say “No” as it’s the most important guidelines for beginner freelancers.

The last, but not least, seek for the interested gigs that closed to your location.

6. Hire other Freelancers

As most of the freelancing mostly work from home. You can start own freelancing business by hiring other freelancers.

It helps to identify talented individuals and to give employment to others as well. These hired people will be a good use for you.

Outsourcing is the good way to get better results.

Many MNCs are working that way, and why can’t you do that?

There are so many talented individuals who are seeking for work as a part time and full time. So, you can post an advertisement in web portals and interview the applicants.

If required, ask the candidates to learn new things to suit the business requirements.

What’s more, make the contract of whatever the project you’re gonna work with .

7. Give importance to family and friends

The Family is equally important as the work.

Spend proper time with your family because it helps you to free up and refresh.

When open to your family, they will give you some sort of the great advice that are extremely useful for your freelance career.

The motivation and supports from the family are so much important for achieving seccessful in a long run.

Your family is always your company even if you have nothing or in a difficult situation.

Whatever you do, you’re responding to your family’s happiness.

No matter what, everything always comes with the Pros and Cons. You have to do whatever it takes to turn the Cons into Pro because it’s your business and your way.


To become a freelancer isn’t that complicate, but enjoying your inbon talents.

With freelancing, you can explore the new knowledge and share what you know to others who come and read the your articles plus help other entrepreneurs and business owners to build a successful businesses.

Most of all, you can receive a good compensate of your hard working.

Life is always unpredictable. If you screw up, try not repeat that again.

What’s more, do not try make thing perfect, but a progress.

The big progress needs big time. Be patient.

While struggling with changing the lifestyle, you should learn how to relax with your family. Explain them why you’re doing that so they can understand and help you with doing work.

Remember, pick up your phone and call your girlfriend for dinner when you feel stress.

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