Battle of Corona came to court – 5 Points by Government Of Uttar Pradesh

Coronaviruses should have been confined to hospitals but now it has reached the courts. Hearing is going on in the courts on this, the situation is that patients get treatment in the hospital or not, but in the courts, you will definitely get a lot of decisions on this.

And in this situation, a very important decision of the Allahabad High Court of Uttar Pradesh has come today, about which you should know. In view of the increasing infection of coronaviruses in Uttar Pradesh, the Allahabad High Court has reprimanded the Government of Uttar Pradesh. The court has issued several guidelines, describing the plan presented by the government as weak.

The first thing that we will tell you on 5 points. The High Court has said that we will not tolerate any paperwork or declarations.

Secondly, the High Court said that if the present circumstances are ignored today, the coming generations will not forgive anyone.

Thirdly, the court told the UP government that we know that the government alone cannot stop the infection of coronaviruses and for this the help of NGOs is needed, but those in power will hear My way and no way i.e. their own or someone’s. You will not hear that thinking will have to change. And listen to the suggestions of all people.

Fourthly, the High Court has also criticized the government for holding panchayati elections during the transition period and the last things that the UP government should ensure that a District Judge Officer is appointed in every district so that the information of deaths in any hospital every day is easy Could meet.

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