10 Best Bluetooth Headphones Under 1000

Our current topic is the best headphones under Rs.1000 / – and this is the most special thing about these earphones today. You will find them all on amazon.Best
The special thing about today’s chosen headphones is that the quality of all is very good.

And if you compare these headphones with any branded headphone then you will not make much difference in it. People prefer branded headphones because their price is also very high and the company gives you good service.
You will get a lot of headphones in the market, but you will have to find out which will be right for you.

The price and specification of each product is different. You can buy the best headphones for you according to your budget.

In today’s list, 10 best headphones have been selected.
All headphones have bluetooth which you can connect with any of you Devices.

10 Best Bluetooth Headphones under 1000

1. Iball Decibel Bluetooth 5.0 Headphone

 iBall Decibel Bluetooth 5.0 Headphone with SD/FM/Alexa Built-in

Company Overview:

Our first product today is iball and there will be no one who would not know about this company. Iball company is very old and makes a lot of electronics gadgets.
The Iball company is well-versed in all its products.

Product Specifications:

Talk about the products and look at its looks, you will start liking it as soon as you see it. It has been made very closely. Its looks and design have received a lot of attention. If you talk about other features in it, then you will get all that. like

  • SD Card Reader
  • FM Radio
  • AUX Plugins
  • 3.5mm Jack
  • Inbuilt Mic

It comes with a 3.5mm jack, which has the advantage that if your charge runs out, you can enjoy listening to it through the jack too.
This headphone is foldable and after folding it comes in very small size, so you can keep it in any small place.

Due to the soft cushion of the headphone speakers, you can apply it for a long time. You will not feel any pain in your ears.

Along with inbuilt mic, you get 6 hours of battery backup if you listen to it in full volume. If you listen to it in low volume like 50% or 70% then it can give you 8 hours backup.

2. Boult Audio ProBass Q Over

Talking about this headphone, it is also one of the popular brands and you must have heard its name. Its logo is very attractive and it is providing a decent look.

Product Specifications:

There is not much change on this, just 3 buttons have been used here. Call button, Volume Up Down button.
But in this you will not get to see SD CARD or FM. If you watch this product carefully, then it is providing you sports look. If you are a sports person then this is the best Bluetooth headphone for you.

Talking about Bluetooth, it has a bluetooth of 4.2 chipset. Together it will provide 15 to 17 hours of battery backup with 70% volume.

3. Zebronics Zeb-Thunder Wireless BT Headphone

Our next product is zebronics. You must have also heard the name of this company. This company makes very good electronic products. If you want to buy zebronics products, you can buy them with your eyes closed.
In this headphone, you are getting very good customizations. And in this you are also getting the same 4.2mm chipset Bluetooth. In this, you have Bluetooth, AUX, FM Radio, and micro sd support. Due to its compact accents you will be able to use it for a long time. In addition, you get the facility of Media / Volume Control. You can adjust its headband according to yourself.


Wireless BT
Supports Micro SD
AUX Function
Built-in FM Radio
Soft & Comfortable Earcups
Adjustable Headband
Media/Volume control
Call Function
Built-in Rechargeable Battery


BT version: 4.2
Wireless range: 10 meters (Without obstacles)
Driver Size: 40mm
Speaker Impedance: 32Ω
Frequency Response: 40Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity: 105dB
Charging time: 2.5hrs
Playback time: 9hrs*
Standby time: 200hrs
Net. Weight : 142g

4. Leaf Bass Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The Leaf Company makes electronic gadgets from a log time.
Talking about this headphone, it is designed more for sports. For example, people were able to use it while jogging. In this, you get a very simple design. Also you get a 1.2mm jack

If we talk about the size then 40 mm diver has been used in it. You get to hear a lot of loud and clear voice. If you listen to the song on 70% volume then you get 10 hrs battery backup. The speaker cushion is very soft due to which there will be no inconvenience in using it for a long time.


Driver unit: 40mm
Impedance: 32 ohms
Frequency: 20Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity: 109(+/-2) dB
Bluetooth Version: v5.0
Standby time: Upto 300 Hours,
Cord Length: 1.2m

5. Macjack Wave 300 Bluetooth Headphone

Wave 300 is also providing you with a decent look in terms of sound, you will get to hear deep bass with 4d sound. With the headphone, you get 3.5mm jack, FM Radio, SD Card support. With this long jack you will be able to listen to your songs even after your battery runs out. In addition, you are getting 5.0 Bluetooth whose cushions are very soft.

Looking at the headphone carefully, it is providing you a slightly bulky type of look. Talking about the charging of the product, it will take about 2hrs to be fully charged.

Looking at the headphone carefully, it is providing you a slightly bulky type of look. Talking about the charging of the product, it will take about 2hrs to be fully charged

6. Adcom Shuffle Over Ear Bluetooth Headphone

This headphone is quite slim compared to other headphones. Talking about some other features, SD Card Support, 3.m55 jack, FM radio, will be available in it. And if you talk about connectivity, you will get 5.0 Bluetooth in it. This headphone uses a 40 mm driver so you can enjoy deep bass with soft and clear sound.

This is a foldable device, due to which you can easily keep it folded while going anywhere and it will not take much of your space. If you listen to this headphone at 70% volume then it gives you 7 hours of battery backup.
Due to the slim product, its battery capacity has been reduced due to which its backup is reduced.

Product Features:

360° stereo sound performance
Bluetooth v5.0
40mm bass drivers
180° foldable system
In built HD mic
In-built FM Radio
Long lasting battery life


7. Ant Audio Treble Bluetooth Headphone

You will also get this headphone with soft cushion, its look will be very stylish and nice.
It is a foldable headphone, because of its foldable you can keep it anywhere comfortably and talking about the battery, you get 15 hours of battery backup if you listen to it at 70 percent volume.

Talking about connectivity, you will get FM radio SD card support Bluetooth 5.0 and 3.5mm jack. Due to its 3.5mm jack, you can also use it as a normal headphone. A 40 mm driver has been used in headphones.
The headphone looks very amazing and awesome.

8. Molife Groove Plus v5.0 Bluetooth Headphone

If you look at this headphones carefully, you will find it very amazing because its look has been made very good. This headphone will provide you a very classic look. Headphone is very simple, it comes in absolutely dark black color without any design.

If you talk about the features then in this also you will get all the features which are in other Bluetooth headphones. Soft Cushion Stereo Sound 3.5mm Jack SD Card Support.

Regarding the battery, if you listen to it at 70% volume, then it gives you 7 hours of battery backup along with v5.0 Bluetooth. These headphones can be folded very easily because they are foldable. And in this headphones you get 1 year warranty which is very amazing.

9. URBN Thump 400 Bluetooth Headphone

This headphone is very attractive and is very classy looking. Its design has been made very well, much attention has been paid to its material so that the Empire does not face any problem while using the product.
In this headphone also you get all the features like other headphones like 3.5mm jack sd card slot fm radio with this foldable headphone which is very good.

When it comes to choosing headphones, people pay attention to the battery the most. If you listen to it on a hundred percent volume then it gives you a battery backup of 6 hours. The company is giving you 4.2 Bluetooth in it.

10. Procus Urban Bluetooth Headphone

It is a super classic product that is present in three colors, Black Blue and Orange. In this headphone, you will not get features like other headphones like SD card FM radio. This headphone has the same Disadvantage and this Disadvantage broke my heart. Other features like 3.5mm jack volume up down button call button are all present.
This headphone has a soft cushion and its punching base is very good, it is a foldable headphone.
By listening to the song at full volume, you get 7 to 8 hours of battery backup, in this you are getting 5.0 Bluetooth, which is great.


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